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A Branch Of Medical Science Concerned With The Various Systems (Central, Peripheral And Autonomic) Plus The Neuromuscular Junction And Muscle And Their Disorders.


  • Brain Hemorrhage And It's After Effects Like Paraylisis, Stroke Etc Is Treated Very Effectively.
  • Brain Injury Resulting In Hemorrhage, Concussion, Inflamation Of Brain, Coma , Stroke, Paralysis, Loss Of Memory Is Treated With 90% Success Rate.
  • Meningitis, Aneurysm And All Kinds Of Spinal Problems Have Very Fine Results.
  • All Kinds Of Brain Tumor Are Treated Very Effectively.  
  • Control All Kinds Of Headaches (Migraine) With Very First Dose Of Our Homeopathic Medicines.
  • We Treat Epilepsy, Parkinson, Alzheimer And Multipe Saclerosis Very Effectively.
  • Anxiety, Depression, Phobia Of Any Kind Is Controlled Very Effectively With Very First Dose.
  • Improve Your Memory And Learning Power With Homeopathy Medicine.