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A Branch Of Medicine That Deals With Diagnosis And Treatment Of Diseases And Disorders Of The Kidney. Basic Function Of Kidneys Is To Regulate Extracellular Fluid Volume And To Excrete Wastes And Toxins From The Blood. Dr. Chhabra is the Best Nephrology Clinic in Chandigarh and Mohali


  • Our Medicines Gradually Reduce Frequency Of Dialysis.
  • Creatinine And Urea Are Controlled With Great Efficiency.
  • Remove Kidney Stones And Its Further Production With Immediate Relief In Pain.
  • Hydronephrosis, Nephritis (Inflammation In Kidney) And Edema Are Treated With 90% Success Rate.
  • Uti Infection, Pus Cells, E Coli, Blood In Urine, Burning In Urine, Protein Discharge, Bedwetting, Gonorrhea, Blood In Urine, Crystals In Urine Is Controlled Very Effectively. 
  • Homeopathy Medicines Increase The Efficiency Of Weak Kidney With No Side Effects.