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Homeopathy and Allopathy

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Homeopathy Is A Medical Science Developed By German Physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann. It Is Based On The Principle Of 'Like Cures Like'. In Simple Words, It Means That Any Substance That Produces Symptoms In A Healthy Person Can Cure Similar Symptoms In A Person Who Is Unwell. It Is Referred To As The 'Law Of Similar'. This Idea Was Understood By Hippocrates (Father Of Medicine) And Is Also Mentioned In Ancient Hindu Manuscripts. It Was Hahnemann, However, Who Turned It Into The Science Of Healing.

Homeopathic Remedies Are Not Known To Interfere With Conventional Or Any Other Medicine; In Fact, They Play A Complementary Role. You Can Safely Take Homeopathic Medicine With Your Regular Medicines For Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Heart Problems, Diabetes, Etc. There Is No Need For Abruptly Stopping Your Allopathic Medicines When You Begin Your Homeopathy Treatment. Many Patients Do This To See If Homeopathy Is Helping Them. A Doctor Would Be The Best Person To Conduct This Assessment; Always Consult One Before Making Any Changes In Your Existing Allopathic Treatment.