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  • Constipation Due To Any Reason Can Be Treated Very Effectively.
  • We Have Very Good Results In Treatment Of Piles Of Any Kind.
  • Acidity, Belching, Indigestion, Distention, Ulcers, Hardness, Oesophagus Inflamation All These Problems Can Be Treated With Great Efficiency.
  • Fistula And Fissures Are Treated With More Than 90% Success Rate.
  •  Vomiting, Diarrhea, Dysentery And Nausea Are Treated With Best Results.
  • Colitis And Bleeding Anywhere In Digestive Track Can Be Treated Effectively With Homeopathy Medicines
  • Inactivity Of Rectum Muscles Resulting In Involuntary Discharge Is Also Treated Very Effectively.
  • Abscess, Ascites, Tumors And Bubo Are Also Treated.
  • All Kinds Of Cancer Are Also Treated.